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  What do you want to talk about? This is a difficult question. A very open one.   What´s on

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Yvonne Duckworth
    What do you want to talk about? I do have one thing that I do want to get
Lupus Lindemann (Kadavar)
  What do you want to talk about? Difficult question… In any case, I have never started an interview this
  I heard this story once, that when you started your life as an artist, you ran away with the
  The era of NECROS CHRISTOS is coming to an end. You released the last album and now you are
Lauren Ruth Ward
  Unfortunately there was no time to do an interview, so this is a photo gallery feature. Enjoy.    
  You are one of the people with the most diverse taste in music that I know. From metal to
  Shazzula is an interesting name. Where did you find the inspiration for it, and does it have a meaning?
  So let's switch to English now. I am very curious about your accent. It's horrible. Ever heard THE SCORPIONS
Justin Sullivan / New Model Army
Last night you played at a festival dedicated to world peace. Did you ever believe in such a thing? I
ENNIO MORRICONE – “Once Upon A Time In The West” [from the 7”, 1968 / German: “Spiel mir das Lied
  Your tour with SABBATH ASSEMBLY has just finished. When you come back home after such a long tour, is
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